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Blum tunes into customers at MACH with universal radio probe
Blum tunes into customers at MACH with universal radio probe

Blum tunes into customers at MACH with universal radio probe

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 16 April 2014

AT MACH, Blum-Novotest truly tuned into the demands of the marketplace with the introduction of its new 3D tool setting probe, the TC64-20. The TC64-20 complements the companies tool setting probe series with a high-precision, wireless system that features BRC Radio Technology, for tool setting and tool breakage detection in three axes.

The compact tool setting probe excels through extremely fast and robust data transmission. Instead of the channel hopping method or channel assignment commonly used in the market, this probe transmits the collected data to the receiver using Blum's BRC technology. The advantage of this technology is based on each single bit of the radio signal running across the entire width of the frequency band, thus making transmission particularly resistant to interference. Then the data is transmitted to the radio receiver RC66 quickly and securely.

Just one receiver can be used to control up to six measuring systems from the extensive Blum radio family. This includes all tool setting probes and workpiece touch probes, as well as the newly introduced DIGILOG measuring systems, the bore gauge BG60, the roughness gauge TC63-RG or the workpiece temperature measuring device TG81 that were all shown at MACH.

Also proving a resounding success at MACH was the TMAC tool monitoring solution for the elimination of broken cutting tools and the resultant damage or scrapping of components. The ingenious Tool Monitor Adaptive Control (TMAC) system protects the CNC machine while providing valuable information regarding the cutting process. Since its introduction, the system that reduces the high cost of replacement tools, lost production and rejected parts by effectively measuring tool wear in real time, has proven itself in industry. It operates on the principle that the horsepower required to cut a part increases as the condition of the cutting edges of the tool deteriorates. This undoubtedly proved an attractive proposition to stand visitors at the show.

To demonstrate how the TMAC can work in conjunction with the Blum LaserControl, Blum demonstrated its market leading tool setting system at MACH. Capable of working on multi-functional Mill/Turn machine tools, the LaserControl NT-H 3D highlighted its tool setting advantages at the event.

The LaserControl NT-H 3D provides non-contact measurement of rotating tools as well as the mechanical measurement of non-rotating tools in five approach directions. With the increasing use of mill/turn and multi-axis centres; Blum NovoTest has developed the LaserControl NT-H 3D to cater for the demands of these machine types.


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