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Precision and power with new Centro P OZ precision chucks from WNT
Precision and power with new Centro P OZ precision chucks from WNT

Precision and power with new Centro P OZ precision chucks from WNT

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 30 August 2012


The extension of WNT’s Centro P range of precision collet chucks with a new range of high performance chucks and collets means that users can now maximise the productivity of solid carbide and HSS milling cutters.


The combination of precision and power is the main benefit of the new series of Centro P OZ precision collet chucks from WNT. With a guaranteed runout accuracy of 3 micron, the chucks and the new OZ style collets allow users of cutters with shank diameters between 16 and 25 mm diameter to fully utilise their metalcutting capacity thanks to the additional gripping power available. The Centro P chucks are available in a range of styles including MAS-BT, DIN and HSK-A, the latter providing additional cutter stability due to its reduced gauge length.  


To support higher cutting data WNT has also increased the internal coolant supply provided by Centro P OZ. The original system was capable of delivering coolant at a pressure of 80 Bar, the new system increases this to 150 Bar, enabling much better removal of swarf from the cutting area.


While targeting larger diameter cutters the collet range extends down to shank sizes of 3 mm diameter where the precision of the system is also of great value, with each chuck being balanced to G 2,5 at 25000 revs/min and U ≤ 1gmm. This ensures much higher levels of surface finish and reduced tool wear.


“While the original Centro P range with its ER collet system has been widely adopted by our customers, we were aware of a need to provide higher performance for larger diameter cutters. The resulting new generation of Centro P chucks and collets delivers that additional performance with the advantage of being compatible with smaller diameter cutters, thus reducing the investment that customers have to make,” says Adrian Fitts, WNT (UK)’s Business Development Manager. 


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