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Complete chuck change in less than five minutes
Complete chuck change in less than five minutes

Complete chuck change in less than five minutes

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 29 April 2015

The new ROTA FSW quick-change chuck system from SCHUNK is a patented technology that promises chuck changes in less than five minutes. Instead of using fastening screws and a drawbar adapter like alternate systems, the ROTA FSW is process-reliably loosened and locked with one single clamping screw.
By using a flexible adapter, the drawbar of the lathe is automatically connected with the rotary chuck and it is precisely centered by the patented flexible taper. The patented power jaw stroke ensure enormous pull-in forces that optimise the location face and the rigidity of the connection. The locking system is form-fit and self-locking. In order to eliminate operating errors, a display continuously informs the user of the individual locking status.
Versatile in use
The SCHUNK quick-change system can be retrofitted to almost every lathe. It is suitable for manual and power chucks. The actuating force and maximum rotational speed remain fully preserved. Due to the low height, there are few restrictions in installation space. With its large through-hole, the SCHUNK ROTA FSW can be also used in modern turning centers. Existing clamping devices can be adapted to the ROTA FSW system with little effort and can be repeatedly used. The SCHUNK quick-change chuck system is available in three sizes for lathe chuck diameters of 215 to 260mm, 315 to 400mm and 400 to 630 mm.

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