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Why take the chuck off to change workholding
Why take the chuck off to change workholding

Why take the chuck off to change workholding

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 22 April 2013

Hainbuch supply precision workholding and tooling solutions into the UK and global market. Specialising in solution selling, Hainbuch equip both end users and OEM machine tool suppliers with technical solutions as well as precision workholding products.

Engineering and manufacturing outlets throughout the world achieve faster output, tighter tolerances and improved production thanks to Hainbuch's chucks, collet chucks, vices and automated measuring systems.

Most recently Hainbuch have introduced into their range a 'quick change adapter' that can be fitted to their Dead length chucks enabling conversions from chuck to mandrels in less than a minute. In addition there is no need to adjust radial concentricity as there is a zero point system built in as standard. Unbelievably the repeatability is better than 0.010 microns.

This quick change solution from Hainbuch is excellent for blind bores and short clamp lengths, leaving many to question, 'why take the chuck off to change workholding when it takes only a short time to adapt to a different device'.

Milling, turning and grinding are all processes that Hainbuch products can be used in conjunction with. Fast becoming a 'household' name amongst precision engineers, it's very evident that the popularity of their workholding has derived from years of innovation and product effectivity.

You can view all of Hainbuch's workholding and tooling solutions by visiting their website www.hainbuch.co.uk.

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