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Collet to 3 Jaw in 1 minute from Hainbuch
Collet to 3 Jaw in 1 minute from Hainbuch
Collet to 3 Jaw in 1 minute from Hainbuch

Collet to 3 Jaw in 1 minute from Hainbuch

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 28 November 2013

This new compact easy to change Hainbuch unit converts a Standard Hainbuch Collet style chuck to a 3 jaw chuck in less than 1 minute !. Mandrels and clamping heads can also be used in the base collet chuck. This new jaw module completes the package and gives a new clamping dimension that opens massive potential for users;

Compared with normal chucks this Jaw Module offers lower weight and a smaller profile and of course the usual Hainbuch accuracy. In short: The perfect 3 in 1 combination of I.D. clamping, O.D. clamping (Collet), and jaw clamping.

The Hainbuch solution, consisting of a Collet style chuck and a Jaw module is compact and as such can use spindle acceleration and deceleration more efficiently saving time and hence cost per piece, it also lowers the weight on the machine spindle bearings .

But above all no time wasting changing from 3 jaw chuck to collet or mandrel , every changeover can be completed in less than 2 minutes with no radial adjustment, So the correct workholding can be used every time !

The basic unit is a Spanntop collet chuck or Toplus collet chuck, now accepted as an excellent workholding device in its own right. Add to this the jaw module, clamping heads and mandrels and you achieve reliability, accuracy, and safety that traditional jaw chucks lack, especially for I.D. clamping. Customers already with Hainbuch mandrels are aware of the unbelievable, even apparently impossible clamping situations that are possible, far better than using a 3 jaw chuck. The new jaw module now completes a clamping system that offers the right solution for the respective clamping situation, without compromise.

Key advantages include: a simple, modular solution for fast clamping to a clamping diameter of 200 mm; available in two sizes – 144 diameter for  clamping range from 25-115 mm and 215 diameter for clamping range from 25-200 mm; minimal interference contour, proven technology, various to jaws, hard and soft; flexible, fast and repeatable setup on clamping head or mandrel clamping; rigid workpiece clamping through the use of clamping head or mandrel; full bar usage when using the base collet chuck; ideal for sensitive clamping and delicate components; can be used as a pick-up chuck on sub spindles; easy to maintain with excellent seals; also the new jaw module can be used on all the Hainbuch range of stationary chucks !

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