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Compact Electric Rotary Gripper Unit from Schunk

Compact Electric Rotary Gripper Unit from Schunk

Added to MTDCNC by SCHUNK Intec Ltd on 01 July 2015
The SCHUNK EGS electric rotary gripper unit defines a new class of efficiency in the handling of small components. It facilitates the switch to pneumatic-free handling solutions and is the first unit to combine electric gripping and rotation in a single compact housing.
The new low-maintenance and affordable module paves the way for highly efficient pneumatic-free systems. Patented by SCHUNK, the coupling of the gripping and rotation gear allows continuous rotation without an electric loop feed-through. Since the module is equipped only with stationary, brushless and non-wearing 24V DC motors and requires no moving cables, slip rings or shock absorbers - it provides increased process stability and availability in assembly systems. Backlash-free pre-loaded junction roller guides ensure high-precision gripping and virtually constant gripping forces over the entire finger length.
Commissioning of the SCHUNK EGS could not be easier. Both the angle of rotation and the gripping force can be adjusted independently of each other, directly at the module. Inductive proximity switches allow monitoring. The  module is either digitally controlled or via a fieldbus distributor. The entire control and power electronics for  the control of the motors is integrated directly into the module. This eliminates the need for external controllers and additional programming. The compact SCHUNK EGS rotary gripper unit is remarkably small, with dimensions of 58mm x 45mm x 89mm. It features a torque of 0.04Nm and a freely definable angle of rotation between 40° and 320°. The gripping force is 30N and the stroke/jaw is 3mm. The swivelling time is 0.18 seconds for 180° and the gripping time is 0.05 seconds per stroke.


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