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Concentric Turning on Tricky Parts, use Test-it

Concentric Turning on Tricky Parts, use Test-it

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 13 July 2012

For those who've operated a lathe, whether it be CNC or conventional, you'll agree there is nothing more difficult than trying to set-up/clock up a thin-walled component in a 3 or 4 jaw chuck, especially if the material is soft and the tolerances required on the finished component are tight.

During a recent visit to one of our customers Hainbuch UK, we explored the capabilities of their new Test-it system, which we are sure, will prove very popular amongst precision engineers suffering with the said issue. The Test-it system is completely unique to Hainbuch. It is an electronic tool that measures clamping pressures exerted onto a component by the chuck jaws or collet chuck. There is NO other tool on the market that can measure internal clamping forces other than the Test-it. Developed to assist machinists in producing accurate parts, concentric, repeatedly within tolerance, the Test-it kit comes with software, a notebook and has already helped many companies overcome health and safety issues relating to part clamping.

Even more impressively, you can record clamping pressures enforced on all your components, enabling total traceability, giving both you and your customers comfort.

Nick Peter, General Manager for Hainbuch in the UK commented 'this system is completely novel, it was very popular at the recent Mach show and since this exhibition has been a great addition to our product port-folio. Everyone who has worked in a machine shop knows the sort of problems you can face when looking for concentricity on tricky parts, this overcomes all those issues'

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