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Extensive BIG KAISER Tool holder Line Available From ITC
Extensive BIG KAISER Tool holder Line Available From ITC

Extensive BIG KAISER Tool holder Line Available From ITC

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 29 July 2016

Every millimetre counts in metalworking. That’s why it’s important to think twice when selecting conventional tool holders such as face mills and shrink fit holders. If you’ve ever used tooling from BIG KAISER to help solve a cutting or production challenge, you will understand the quality, engineering and of course the “Higher Performance" are guaranteed.

As BIG KAISER products are only offered in dual contact interfaces, these superior levels of rigidity will reduce deflection and allow extended gauge lengths off-the-shelf. For example: ITC customers can now acquire face mill holders up to 300mm long that will deliver excellent performance levels comparable to that of a stub length tool.

Another highlight of the conventional BIG KAISER tool holder program that is now available from ITC; is the variety of incremental gauge lengths. This allows end users to match tooling to the exact parameters of each cut without having to get creative or take unnecessary risk. No one wants to use a tool holder longer than necessary.

Always in search of ways to make life easier for the customer, ITC can also supply imperial sizes for traditionally all-metric offerings like BBT and HSK. This also applies to metric sizes for some traditionally all-inch CAT tools.

One of the exciting newer additions to the BIG KAISER face mill holder line-up is the BIG-PLUS® high-rigidity BBT30/40/50 holder. For further details on how ITC can improve your machining performance through high-quality tool holding, please contact your local ITC engineer or visit www.itc-ltd.co.uk

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