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Floyd Puts a new Spin on Oil Recovery

Floyd Puts a new Spin on Oil Recovery

Floyd Automatic Tooling has now added a new division to its successful cutting tool business. The new 'Floyd Production Equipment' business unit will focus upon the provision of filtration stations for the micro filtration of mineral oils plus industrial centrifuges for removing oil from swarf and waste materials.

With the cost of oil continually increasing and companies becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact and the potential cost savings from environmental awareness, Floyd Automatic believes the new division will offer the marketplace significant cost and waste reductions. The industrial centrifuge systems will be supplied by French manufacturer Henri Petit-Jean, a business with major success in delivering cost reductions on the continent. The multi-purpose centrifuges are ideal for de-oiling swarf, component drying, washing and rinsing. Available in six different model variations from the ECO300 with a bowl diameter of 440mm and a depth of 540 to the ECO700 with respective dimensions of 770 and 960mm.

The ECO series of centrifuges have a fluid capacity from 12 to 172 litres with a maximum load weight from 20 to 250kg. To meet the specific needs of the end user, the ECO series offers a variety of options that include variable speed, temperature regulation and indicators, basket handling system, automatic lid open/close and bespoke baskets to suite the exact requirements of the customer.

By removing oil from the swarf the benefit is twofold. Firstly, customers will get a better price for their swarf from the scrap dealer as it will be significantly cleaner, thus increasing the value of the waste materials. Secondly, with a moisture level of 2% after spinning, the re-claimed oil can be returned to the machine tool. This significantly reduces the loss of oil from the machine tool and the costs involved with losing expensive cutting fluids.

As well as the Henri Petit-Jean systems, the new Floyd Production Equipment division will be promoting the new range of Promatec filtration stations for the micro filtration of mineral oils and oil based cutting fluids. The FBD series of pre-coated filtration units from Promatec enable customers to achieve a very high level of filtration. This improves component quality, tool life and eliminates the risk of skin related diseases in the workplace that are caused by poor oil quality. With a capacity range from 1m3/h to 400m3/h, the customer can manual, semi-automatic or a fully automatic system that is recommended for large fluid throughput levels.

The Promatec system is as suitable for small machine shops as it is for mass production lines. With six stations, the Promatec unit fills the filter, then coats the filtration candles with woodflour. The woodflour and oil mix passes from the coating tank to the filtration tank. The oil is then passed through to a coating tank whereby the dirty liquid is pumped from the dirty liquid tank to the filter.

When the oil reaches the top of this tank, it overflows to the clean fluid tank. At this stage the dirty oil and woodflour is separated from the filtration candles and is evacuated via an automatic emptying valve. The waste is then dried to re-claim as much of the oil as possible, resulting in extremely clean and efficient oil filtration. All stages are fully enclosed in one single unit that processes all stages automatically to give the end user impeccably clean oil via an efficient filtration process.

Published on MTD CNC by on 19 June 2012

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