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Full complement for Gewefa UK partners at EMO

Full complement for Gewefa UK partners at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 19 July 2017

UK engineers visiting EMO will be able to view at first hand a range of new product introductions from the partner companies of Gewefa UK Ltd, all of whom the Corsham based toolholding specialist exclusively represents in the UK.

Gewefa GmbH
is a toolholding innovator and in recent times has introduced exclusive equipment such as the Gewefa-Plus face and taper toolholder, the Hydropin hydraulic chuck with a fixed stop pin and the EasyFix boring bar toolholder.

All will be featured on the Stand (Hall 5:B93) alongside a new shrink collet system – the Induterm M96 - based on the proven heat shrink clamping technique so popular for securing milling cutters into tool holders.

As well as exceptional grip with a very short clamping length the system offers high flexibility and accuracy with assured tool run out of less than 3 microns.  It is a highly cost effective solution with the shrink collets being totally compatible for use with existing toolholders, whatever the format.

Static and driven tooling specialist EWS (Hall4:G83) is supporting the German Industrie 4.0 initiative based on a smart manufacturing and integrated production concept.

EWS has developed a new intelligent driven tool (as yet un-named) which includes sensor technology enabling it to communicate with the machine operator or even with the machine itself.

The technology will be able to monitor the cutting conditions, the runtime and also the sealing conditions of the tool. EWS’s aim in introducing the tool is to create the ability to communicate with the operator in order to alert or remind him of any impending maintenance or replacement procedures in advance of obvious visible warnings or a drop in performance.

Pibomulti, (Hall 4:A27) the Swiss angle heads, speeders and multi spindle head specialist is introducing the Pibomulti ‘Rainbow’ range of right angle heads that are assembled on a modular concept.  In effect, a customer can specify a head to precisely meet a specific machining requirement and the capability of the machine it is fitted to.  Pibomulti then assembles the bespoke head in a very short lead time and can supply it in a range of distinctive colours.

On the OTT-Jakob stand (Hall5:F14) a new sensor based 3-in-1 monitoring solution will be making its debut.  This in addition to the design-optimized Power-Check 2 device for measuring the toolholder pull-in force on the machine tool spindle.

‘MSU’ is OTT-Jakob’s new ‘plug & play’ monitoring system which will increase the efficiency of factory networked production by obtaining machine state data using electronic sensor technology.

OTT-Jakob has two decades of experience in sensor integration into tools.  Its new MSU multi-sensor unclamping unit is an innovative solution that groups up to three control functions into one unit; the monitoring of the position of the drawbar shaft, detection of the position of the unclamp body and optimum leakage detection.

There are also new developments for the Power-Check 2 pull force measurement device. A hands-free unit with data accessed from outside the machine, Power-Check 2 now incorporates a new locking function on the adjusting sleeve and has a new sealing system.  Also new is a coating for wear protection that acts as a reliable and permanent protection against rust.

Simon Nann (Hall4:C09) will be majoring on their expertise as a leading supplier of standard and special collets while Rineck, the supplier of heat shrink clamp machines (Hall5:A53) will be featuring its latest ‘rapid shrink VCS’ bench top model.

For further information contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666,  sales@gewefa.co.uk or visit the web site at www.gewefa.co.uk

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