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Gewefa at MACH 2016 - an overview
Gewefa at MACH 2016 - an overview

Gewefa at MACH 2016 - an overview

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 16 March 2016

One of the key exhibits on the MACH 2016 stand of toolholding specialist Gewefa UK will be the 'Power Check' pull force gauge from leading German manufacturer OTT-Jakob.

In metalcutting environments such as continuous machining and on transfer lines, monitoring conditions at the spindle is all important and the latest version of the OTT Power Check now offers the capability for continuous monitoring without manual intervention.

The ability to monitor conditions at the spindle, particularly relating to wear or degeneration can effect cutting performance if, for example, there are signs of bearing wear.

OTT-Jakob – who Gewefa represent in the UK and Ireland - is a renowned manufacturer of pull force gauges and their Power Check model is a staple component with most machine tool maintenance engineers.

The latest version of the Power Check is however specifically designed to be left in the machine ATC carousel to provide a point of continuous monitoring.  Furthermore, the connection to the hand held data collector is wireless so an operator can monitor data collected at the machine from up to eight different machine locations. Over 8,000 readings can be stored on the handset with these easily downloaded to a USB for transfer to a lap top or network computer system.

Typically such readings could include machine id, date, time, precise pull force details and the adjusted range - so the operator has a full picture of the individual machine pull force status at his fingertips.

The OTT Power Check Magazine is a universal unit suitable for all types of spindle systems, regardless of manufacturer. The new permanent design features a shorter shank location and it is powered by a kinetic connection, activated through the carousel so no power supply or battery is required.

The unit can be used for all machine tool spindles with adaptors available for HSK, DIN, ANSI, and MAS BT. Two variants are available, one with a pull force of 10-75kN or an alternative unit for smaller machines with a pull force of 2-15kN.

In addition to OTT products Gewefa will be featuring products from across its portfolio of suppliers.

Its own ‘Venturi’ toolholder concept is a universal tool clamping solution that incorporates safety and adjustment features from three of its proven designs plus a unique thro coolant capability.

It has been designed primarily for aerospace applications where arduous, precision machining using challenging materials is becoming increasingly commonplace.  By combining the established features of a hydraulic toolholder with ultra-safe Gewefa Securlok clamping, the side accessed precision Radax adjuster and now the coolant feature, Gewefa believes it has created a truly unique combination.

Another ‘first’ at MACH will be the Gewefa single point boring bar toolholder – the ‘HydroPin’.  This Gewefa invented toolholder utilises the proven tool grip features of a hydraulic chuck with the added advantage of guaranteeing fixed orientation when positioning the bar.

Pibomulti will introducing a new economical and energy efficient spindle speeder specifically for quick change, high volume tapping operations offering a halving of cycle times while producing a 90% saving in power consumption.

Also from Pibomulti, its micro engineered right angle drilling head is ideal for drilling in difficult-to-access areas (such as edge walls) that are typically found in aerospace, automotive and hydraulic component manufacturing. The unit can operate at up to 12,000rpm in even the most confined spaces and accommodate tools up to 6mm in diameter.

EWS, the highly respected manufacturer of driven and static toolholders for CNC lathes has upgraded its quick change Varia modular toolholding system into Varia-VX, offering increased performance for turning and milling processes.

Precise, fast and powerful, Varia-VX allows a maximum concentricity through the new three point locking system and triangular drive spigot which has a positive effect regarding high spindle torque. This characteristic is of particular importance where small tool dimensions are being used and also permits use at torques up to 200 Nm.

Featured from clamping technology expert Simon Nann GmbH will be a modular quick change MZ manual clamping unit that converts the base unit from a conventional clamping head to a dead length ‘SK’ type collet system from 32 up to 120 sizes.  There is also a draw-back collet or for expanding mandrels.

MZ offers versatility being suited to double sided machining or machining of long parts (with a tailstock support).  A simple key movement through 180 degrees converts the base unit from clamped to unclamped.

Finally heat shrink clamping specialist Rineck will be introducing a new upgraded induction heating device for undertaking clamping and unclamping of tools in heat shrink toolholders.  The vertical ‘elevator’ design permits a compact installation and the unit features automatic tool cooling for safety and consistency.

Both carbide tools (Ø3 - Ø32) and HSS (Ø6 - Ø32) can be shrunk in the new 10Kw machine with all parameters, shrink times and performance data stored on the machine in its internal database.

For further information contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666 or sales@gewefa.co.uk or visit the web site at www.gewefa.co.uk

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