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Gewefa GmbH

Gewefa GmbH

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 11 August 2016

Gewefa GmbH

Hall 2

Stand B 20


13-17 September Stuttgart, Germany

Gewefa will be majoring on its significant hydraulic toolholding capability at the AMB Exhibition while taking the opportunity to introduce its latest development, the Grindtec hydraulic chuck with zero radial adjustment capability.

Gewefa offers a wide range of standard and special purpose hydraulic toolholders with the Grindtec hydro chuck introduction extending the range into applications for bespoke tool grinding machines.

A key feature is an adjustment mechanism that enables compensation of the run out at the tip of the (clamped) cutter to zero tolerance, eliminating run out errors between the tool tip and the spindle.  This is achieved by adjusting three screws located in a ring fitted around the toolholder body. The cutter shank is therefore slightly ‘fine tuned’ to achieve zero accuracy of its position at a distance 100mm from the ring.

Also featured will be the recently introduced Gewefa ‘HydroPin’ single point boring bar toolholder.  This Gewefa invented toolholder utilises the proven tool grip features of a hydraulic chuck with the added advantage of guaranteeing fixed orientation when positioning the bar.

Shell mill adaptors with a hydraulic spigot location will also be featured alongside Gewefa’s VDI hydraulic chuck range which feature a unique clamping tool holding system and are suited to both turning and boring applications offering the user a range of machining advantages.

The key to the clamping system’s success is its high level of stability with anti-vibration features inherent within the hydraulic clamping mechanism producing not only quieter cutting performance and improved finish but also enabling significant increases in speeds and feeds to shorten machining times. 

Insert life is significantly improved with 50% savings on inserts regularly achieved, resulting not just in cost savings but in reduced machine downtime.

Finally the Gewefa ‘Securlok’ toolholder will be featured.  This is a hydraulic chuck that, with the addition of a failsafe second mechanical side clamping mechanism, provides 100% tool shank and process security.

For general and heavy duty milling operations in titanium, composites and ISO S rated materials often used in airframe manufacture, Securlok withstands radial and axial forces on the cutting tool - forces that are likely to create conditions with the potential for the cutter to slip or pull out.

It also offers guaranteed concentricity - within 0.003mm TIR maximum – and anti-vibration dampening ensures longer cutter life and is completely sealed to prevent swarf or coolant ingress.

For further information contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666, sales@gewefa.co.uk or visit the web site at www.gewefa.co.uk

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