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Gewefa Grindtec toolholders feature zero run out
Gewefa Grindtec toolholders feature zero run out

Gewefa Grindtec toolholders feature zero run out

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 11 November 2016

The newly introduced Gewefa Grindtec range of hydraulic chuck toolholders are purpose designed to work with bespoke tool grinding machines and feature a mechanism that enables adjustment of the run out at the tip of the (clamped) cutter to zero tolerance.

This is achieved by compensating for run out errors between the tool tip and the spindle with the cutter adjustment via three 120º radial screws located in a ring fitted around the toolholder body.

The cutter shank is thus slightly deformed to achieve absolute accuracy of its position at a distance 100mm from the ring.  As a consequence all run out errors can be eliminated from the tool tip to the spindle.

On the Grindtec, the radial adjustment screws are protected by a cover ring that clips into position after the adjustments are made.

Another important feature of the Grindtec is the design of the outside form which permits machining close to the cutter when used on grinding machines. 

For further information contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666, sales@gewefa.co.uk or visit the web site at www.gewefa.co.uk

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