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HAAS High-Speed HRC210 Roller Cam Rotary Table Boosts Productivity

HAAS High-Speed HRC210 Roller Cam Rotary Table Boosts Productivity

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 12 April 2013

Adding a 4th-axis rotary table to a machining centre is a proven way to boost productivity, reduce setups, and increase accuracy on multi-op parts. Adding a fast rotary table to a fast machine creates a high-speed package that slashes cycles times even further.

The HRC210 from HAAS Automation is a high-speed, cam-driven rotary table that provides cutting and indexing speeds up to 830°/second. It provides 149 Nm of spindle torque for synchronous 4-axis machining, and has a pneumatic brake that yields 182 Nm of holding torque for stationary work. Indexing accuracy is ±20 arc-sec, with repeatability of 4 arc-sec. The 210 mm platter of the HRC210 has a center height of 152.40 mm, with a 50.8 mm x 48.5 mm deep pilot bore and 45 mm through hole. Six radial T-slots simplify fixture and workpiece mounting, and both manual and pneumatic tailstocks are available for additional workpiece support.

The HRC210 is driven by a high-performance roller cam system that uses a high-torque servomotor to drive a globoidal cam meshing with cam followers equally spaced around the diameter of a roller gear. Needle bearings in the cam followers provide smooth contact with the cam, and a precision-engineered cam profile ensures accurate speeds and motion. Because the roller drive is preloaded during assembly, the system yields high stiffness, high torque, and high speeds, while providing low wear characteristics and reducing maintenance.

If you’re searching for a high-speed rotary solution to reduce cycle times and increase accuracy, the HAAS HRC210 is the answer.


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