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Hainbuch and Siemens enter into partnership

Hainbuch and Siemens enter into partnership

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 02 September 2014

The Siemens Sinumerik CNC controller has been optimizing the productivity of machine tools for over 50 years. Continually innovating and developing the product, Siemens now has a new partner on its side, Hainbuch and its Testit software. The new software is available on a data carrier for installation on Siemens CNC controllers [Sinumerik 840D SL plus PCU50].

This now means that a separate laptop is not needed and manufacturing with ‘theoretical clamping forces’ is also a thing of the past. Thanks to Testit, the operator always knows what clamping forces exist and where. Furthermore, the operator can understand the actual maintenance status of the clamping device and when taking into account the safety standard DIN EN 1550, this new package is a ‘must have’ for all machine tools running Siemens control units.

What this new system gives the customer is a Testit clamping force gauge together with the Siemens CNC controller. The result is a package that executes a target-actual comparison of the maintenance status of a clamping device. If the limit values are under the optimal clamping range, a warning message is given to the end user.

Trust is good, control is better

Based on the skill of a machine operator or programmer, they will build in safety measures when programming the manufacturing steps to minimize the risk of potential component damage through clamping. However, in reality effective measurement data regarding the holding forces of a clamping device can only be obtained as vague reference values. A machine operator will know how dependent the holding forces of a clamping device are derived from its current maintenance status or from the centrifugal force losses while turning with jaw chucks. So, it is extremely sceptical to calculate makeshift calculations and build in high safety values. Machining of easily deformable components is also extremely critical. Usually only a very small margin of holding force is available. If an item is clamped too strongly, a sensitive component will be excessively deformed whilst applying to little clamping force results in an inefficient set-up for rational machining.

Safe results - even with mandrels

For those manufacturers facing stiff competition, they can no longer afford to manufacture just by ‘feeling’, measurement data is a must. The new Testit not only functions perfectly for outer diameters and during rotation, it also precisely measures the holding force of mandrels for inner diameters.

The benefit for the end user is a consistent clamping force measurement for O.D. and I.D. clamping that can be used rotating [under RPM] and for stationary applications. Additionally, the direct input into the Siemens CNC controller makes this extremely precise system efficient and easy to use.

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