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Hainbuch Delivers Aerospace Solutions with New Brochure

Hainbuch Delivers Aerospace Solutions with New Brochure

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 28 August 2017

The aerospace industry is all about quality, consistency and performance – all attributes that are intertwined with 100% safety. That is why workholding specialists Hainbuch supply its aerospace products under the slogan of ‘100% safety – no more, no less’.

The aerospace sector is one of the most technically demanding industries with increasingly difficult to machine materials, exacting specifications and constant time restraints. Added to all this, the industry is growing at a rate that demands improved productivity and machine up-time. This is where Hainbuch enters the equation with its innovative workholding solutions. As the industry specialist in quick-changeover configurations, Hainbuch has now published an aerospace brochure that highlights just some of the creative developments that have won the company dozens of awards with over 100 patents.

With hundreds of thousands of components comprising an aircraft, Hainbuch has emphasised examples of how interior equipment, frame structures and airfoils, power plant and turbines and also undercarriage can all be precisely and safely clamped with solutions from the German technology leader. The new brochure highlights how complex components such as hydraulic valve housings can be internally clamped with Hainbuch’s double independent ID clamping system. Using a mandrel with two independent hydraulic positions and a pull-back effect, the double ID solution incorporates vulcanized segmented bushing to dampen vibration whilst a rigid clamping configuration and optimised chuck body improved cutting tool access and machining performance.

For the internal clamping of aerospace parts such as shaft fans that require external milling operations, Hainbuch introduces its segmented bushing chuck. Conducting ID clamping with a dead-length effect for definite radial clamping, the segmented bush chuck can be mounted upon a workpiece carrier for simplified production handling.  With full cylindrical surface contact and a large opening stroke between this huge workpiece and the segmented bushing; secure and precise clamping is guaranteed.

The external clamping product lines from Hainbuch are equally impressive with the segmented mandrel T213 proving the optimal solution for clamping components such as aerospace turbine gear wheels. The manual hydraulic mandrel has a vulcanised bush and optimised design that maximises the pull-back effect for superior clamping rigidity and precision. Automated loading is made possible by the large clamp and load strokes whilst its quick changeover interface for changing the clamping device in as little as 2 minutes.

For the external clamping of complex parts such as aerospace bearing journals that require turning operations on the outside features, the Hainbuch TOPlus pull-back chuck is the solution of choice. The TOPlus technology provides full surface contact between the hexagonal clamping head and the chuck body. The TOPlus provides an inner workpiece end-stop with coolant flush and a chip evacuation channel that ensures prolonged machining. Whatever your machining challenge, Hainbuch has the workholding solution that will improve your process, productivity, stability and overall performance. 

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