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Hainbuch extends its grip on turned parts

Hainbuch extends its grip on turned parts

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 24 February 2015

To increase the clamping power placed upon turned parts, Hainbuch has now launched its impressive new TOPlus range of chucks. For customers that may already be using high-end solutions such as the Hainbuch SPANNTOP range, the revolutionary new TOPlus provides 25% more holding power.

The R&D department at Hainbuch has developed a novel new innovation that permits 25% higher clamping forces whilst utilising the same clamping cylinder that is used to actuate the market leading SPANNTOP range of chucks. The TOPlus incorporates a pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces to make this possible. The clamping head rests with full-surface contact in the TOPlus chuck body. This even applies with large workpiece tolerances.

In addition, this geometry ensures the TOPlus line is significantly less sensitive to contamination than previous chuck/clamping head solutions. This enables the TOPlus to provide an unbeatable concentric precision of 0.015 mm for chuck sizes up to 100m bar capacity.

For raw materials, cast and forged parts and also fine-particle non-ferrous metals such as brass, the new TOPlus excels. With all-round optimised values, the TOPlus is an ideal partner for modern manufacturing strategies and state-of-the-art machine tools.

Additional benefits of the TOPlus include the elimination of radial displacement between clamping head and chuck body, which makes it resistant to contamination. Furthermore, the chuck incorporates vibration damping technology that also enables the end user to improve surface finishes and precision levels.

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