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Hainbuch Introduces New Magnetic Clamping Module

Hainbuch Introduces New Magnetic Clamping Module

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 16 September 2016

To complement the existing range of modular work holding chucks, Hainbuch UK has now introduced its latest new innovation, the Magnet Module. This exciting new concept has been developed for the processing of complicated components or thin walled parts.

Designed and developed with Neodymium 'Super Strength' magnets, the new Magnet Modules are compatible with standard Hainbuch workholding chucks, such as the extremely popular TOPlus and SPANNTOP systems. With just a single screw that activates the magnet, the new Magnet Module provides ease of use and very fast clamp and un-clamping times. Incorporating a magnet on/off operation screw and super strength magnets that provide a maximum holding force of up to 140 N/cm², the Hainbuch Magnet Module is an extremely flexible and robust system.

Suitable for use with the Hainbuch range of 'pull-back' clamping devices, the Magnet Modules can be set-up in the machine tool in less than 30 seconds. Furthermore, a lifting eye bolt enables this sturdy and robust module to be manoeuvred into the work envelope of the machine tool with remarkable ease. In addition to offering exceptional clamping forces, unfathomable ease-of-use and the most simplistic set-up and changeover configuration available, the Hainbuch Magnet Module also delivers a positional change over accuracy of 2μm. With all these attributes, it may be time to call your local Hainbuch representative.

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