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Hainbuch Introduces On-line CAD Modelling for Customers

Hainbuch Introduces On-line CAD Modelling for Customers

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 27 April 2017

To streamline the project planning and purchasing of workholding equipment, Hainbuch has now developed an on-line CAD package where customers can build their own customised workholding solution.

The Hainbuch CAD models are available for customers to build via the Hainbuch website (www.hainbuch.partcommunity.com). On the portal, customers can create bespoke Hainbuch clamping systems and build the most efficient workholding device for their exact needs.

Taking this ingenious system a step further, the Hainbuch facility also allows customers to download the CAD file from the Hainbuch website and model a complete fixture with components and the machine tool in the CAD system used by the customer. By importing Hainbuch models and putting components into chucks and workholding devices on internal CAD systems, end-users can visualise and calculate machining strategies and potential issues before even placing an order.

Having the ability to measure parameters such as the clearance and kinematics of the machine tool as well as having the tools to visualise potential for errors and collisions with spindles and toolholding equipment prior to purchase will generate huge savings for Hainbuch customers.

Commenting upon this new development from the workholding specialists, Hainbuch UK Managing Director, Mr Nick Peter says: "Our staff spend considerable time walking customers through the process of building their specific solution. With the new on-line system, we can talk customers through the process via the website whilst giving a visual indication of the solution. More experienced engineers can competently build their own solution. The new PARTcommunity portal will provide an on-line quoting service that will streamline and speed up the process for both end users and internal staff. We are often asked to generate CAD models for machine tool builders; with the new CAD package machine tool builders can build a suitable workholding solution with their prospective customers."

To build your own bespoke workholding solution, please visit the www.hainbuch.partcommunity.com website or get in touch with Hainbuch for a demonstration.

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