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Hainbuch Jaw module, always the right workholding
Hainbuch Jaw module, always the right workholding

Hainbuch Jaw module, always the right workholding

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 07 October 2015

If you need a full through-bore collet chuck that you can then change to a chucking device to clamp billets in times of less than  two minutes with no radial adjustment, the new Jaw Module from Hainbuch will tick all the boxes. With the new jaw module in the Hainbuch modular system, manufacturers will always have the right clamping device at hand.

By implementing the Hainbuch  collet chuck basic unit, the impressive new jaw module can easily be fitted to deliver exceptional time savings for customers frequently changing over set-ups. If required, clamping heads or mandrels can also be used to extend the flexibility of this impressive system.

With all these separate quick change units available, it is possible to change workholding units quickly and easily whilst achieving reliability, accuracy and the safety that traditional jaw chucks lack, especially for internal diameter clamping. Existing customers that have experience with the Hainbuch mandrel and collet style system will already be aware of the unbelievable, even seemingly impossible clamping situations that are feasible. The new jaw module now completes a clamping system that offers the best solution for each clamping situation, without compromise.

The new Jaw Module from Hainbuch can be used with a Hainbuch chuck or stationary chuck and it offers an enlarged clamping range with its base clamping device. Furthermore, the Jaw Module makes it possible to machine between the jaws when milling or drilling whilst also having the potential to be used for rotating and stationary applications.

The impressive system is capable of extending the clamping range of a Hainbuch chuck size 65 to 195mm, giving the end user significantly improved flexibility. This is credit to the jaw module sizes whereby the size 145 Jaw Module offers a clamping range from 25 to 115mm and the size 215 module provides a clamping range from 25 to 195mm. Ideal for sensitive clamping and delicate components, the new Jaw Module provides rigid workpiece clamping with its pull-back effect through the use of a clamping head or mandrel. In addition, the system can be used as a pick-up chuck on sub spindles. For further details on this impressive and extremely flexible system, please contact Hainbuch.

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