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Hainbuch To Introduce a Host of New Technologies at MACH 2016
Hainbuch To Introduce a Host of New Technologies at MACH 2016
Hainbuch To Introduce a Host of New Technologies at MACH 2016

Hainbuch To Introduce a Host of New Technologies at MACH 2016

On Stand 5219 at MACH 2016, Hainbuch will be introducing a plethora of new products from its vast array of workholding and automation solutions. Whatever the workholding need, whether its the clamping of stationary or rotating parts or even automation solutions, Hainbuch will be highlighting its latest innovations at the show. 

From its diverse selection of workholding solutions for rotating components, Hainbuch will be drawing show visitors attention to the impressive new MAXXOS mandrel system. Developed for machining in the most challenging of environments and applications, the MAXXOS incorporates Hainbuch's innovative hexagonal clamping geometry that can significantly improve clamping forces and improve sensitivity to contamination.

Hainbuch's existing customers may already be familiar with the technology that currently exists on the company's TOPlus range of chucks. However, by transferring this technology to its mandrel line, Hainbuch can boast clamping force increases beyond 30% when compared to existing systems. Hainbuch's decision to now also integrate this hexagonal geometry for the mandrels was only logical, since this criteria is as important for I.D. clamping as it is for O.D. clamping. Thanks to the hexagonal geometry, now an unattained clamping force and rigidity is reached with optimum precision also for I.D. clamping. This mandrel system is available for demanding workholding applications in diameters from 10mm to over 150mm.

Complementing the MAXXOS will be the innovative Hainbuch SPANNTOP Nova workholding system that now provides three different chuck options, the combi pull-back with end stop facility, the combi dead-length with end stop and the modular chuck pull back version for bar work only. All equipped with different features, this exciting range has been developed to meet all your clamping requirements.

Resistant against contamination from coolant, swarf and dust, the clamping head of the SPANNTOP Nova has a vulcanised seals that protect the system from any ingress from the work area. This vulcanised clamping head on the SPANNTOP Nova also minimises vibration to improve precision, surface finishes and the consequent tool life for the end user. 

The rigid clamping of large workpieces in the chuck is no problem for the SPANNTOP Nova. Customers can just fit the jaw module and clamp parts up to 215mm diameter. Internal clamping is just as easy. By rapidly changing over to the mandrel system that fits directly into the Nova chuck, this tiresome process is significantly reduced. By utilising Hainbuch's CentroteX positioning technology, no radial adjustment is necessary. This enables the customer to retain precision and clamping forces whilst drastically reducing changeover times.  The changeover time is further reduced with just 3 screws holding the base end-stop. This innovative feature allows customers to change from bar work to billet work in just over a minute!

To increase the clamping power placed upon turned parts, Hainbuch will also show its impressive TOPlus range of chucks. For customers that may already be using high-end solutions such as the Hainbuch SPANNTOP range, the revolutionary new TOPlus provides 25% more holding power.

The R&D department at Hainbuch has developed a novel new innovation that permits 25% higher clamping forces whilst utilising the same clamping cylinder that is used to actuate the market leading SPANNTOP range of chucks. The TOPlus incorporates a pyramid arrangement of glide surfaces to make this possible. The clamping head rests with full-surface contact in the TOPlus chuck body. This even applies with large workpiece tolerances.

Taking innovation to the next level, Hainbuch will also be alerting MACH visitors to the arrival of its new carbon fibre product range.  To retain a slender and lightweight design and avoid unnecessary wall thickness and masses, Hainbuch has integrated carbon fibre into its product ranges and monitored performance under working conditions to ensure whether a clamping device is ideally loaded and balanced.

Hainbuch now relies on carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) as the basis for its new light weight generation of clamping devices. This manufacturing process sees CFRP embedded in a plastic matrix in multiple layers. The result is a high-strength composite material in which strength and rigidity in the fibre direction is much greater than it is transverse to the fibres. Hainbuch's next generation of lightweight clamping devices have a static radial clamping force of up to 170kN.

To sum up, the Hainbuch strategy of utilising CFRP reduces the weight of the clamping device by upward of 70% and therefore results in 30% faster spindle acceleration. This lightening fast acceleration consequently permits productivity improvements for the end user. For more details on how Hainbuch can speed up your productivity and reduce your non-machining times with innovative clamping solutions, come and visit Stand 5219 at MACH 2016.

Published on MTD CNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 13 January 2016

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