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HAINBUCH Publishes Aerospace Workholding Brochure

HAINBUCH Publishes Aerospace Workholding Brochure

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 18 September 2016

As a leading innovator in the workholding sector, HAINBUCH has now published a new eight page brochure for the aerospace industry. The new brochure is packed with new technology that has been developed specifically for manufacturers in this technically demanding industry sector. 

HAINBUCH is all too aware of the challenges from an industry that is driven by time constraints, exacting component and material specifications and the geometric complexity of the parts machined. As experts in workholding, HAINBUCH has published its aerospace brochure to demonstrate the durability, accuracy and versatility for customer demands in this ever evolving industry. 

The new brochure has detailed information on product lines such as the double independent I.D clamping system, the segmented bushing chuck, the segmented T213 mandrel and the extremely popular TOPlus pull back chucks. In each instance, HAINBUCH demonstrates common aerospace components and their respective machining problems; providing a resolution to all your aerospace machining issues. To view this new brochure, please contact your local HAINBUCH representative or download it via: www.hainbuch.com

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