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Hydrafeed Cuts Out Downtime With New Barfeed

Hydrafeed Cuts Out Downtime With New Barfeed

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 02 July 2012

Hydrafeed has now expanded its short magazine bar feeding range for turning centres with the introduction of the new Multiservo 102 (MS102). This new bar feed has been designed to compliment the most demanding of high performance machine tools that are increasingly common in today's manufacturing environment.

The innovative new MS102 barfeeding unit is a fully servo driven automatic bar feeder that requires no compressed air. With the new MS102, Hydrafeed has developed the next generation in barfeeding solutions by incorporating a host of new features that are beyond the realms of competitor units. One new feature is that bars can be loaded into the unit and the barfeed calculates the 'parts per bar' while the machine tool is working. This development reduces the bar change time by up to 30%, giving the end user improved productivity rates over competitor barfeeding solutions. In scenarios where a twin spindle turning centre is pulling the bar, the MS102 will automatically 'countdown' with the machine tool.

As a high quality solution, the MS102 offers a number of standard features that include a 'state-of-the-art' touch screen control panel providing the facility to store over 30 part programmes. This instantly reduces machine down time even further by having the MS102 automatically set to the required channel height, torque and length of component as the job is being set on the turning centre.

Additionally, the MS102 uses the latest SSCNET technology that reduces electrical noise interference and offers advanced conversation between the electronic hardware. The MS102 has a maximum bar capacity of 102mm diameter and 1.6m bar length. All bars are 'soft' loaded and supported by a heavy duty bar magazine that demonstrates its exceptional quality and longevity. With the MS102 access to the rear of the lathe is simplified as the barfeed is fitted with floor rails that move in either Z or X axis as standard.

The innovation and technology introductions behind the development of the new Hydrafeed MS102, is credit to the company's ability to liaise with the end user and deliver a very desirable solution. As a market leader in the development of barfeeding equipment, Hydrafeed recognises that expensive machine tools must be producing components with as little downtime as possible. To this end, the Milton Keynes based manufacturer has designed a barfeed to compliment setting, which is a critical part of reducing the downtime on such machine tools. The reduction of machine downtime and ease of use have been the key focus points during the development of the new MS102 and following extensive testing in the field, the new barfeed has won plaudits among well established turned parts manufacturers.

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