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Hydrafeed introduces new MV65 short magazine barfeed

Hydrafeed introduces new MV65 short magazine barfeed

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 03 August 2012

Extending its high quality range of bar feeding equipment, Hydrafeed is delighted to introduce its new MV65 short magazine barfeed to the marketplace. The new MV65 barfeed is ideal for single spindle turning centres and offers a high level of reliability and ease of use to make it a highly productive solution for any turning centre.

Currently proving extremely popular with lower cost lathe models, the new MV65 has a maximum bar diameter capacity of 65mm enabling customers to maximise their lathe spindle. This diameter range makes it ideal for the majority of single spindle lathes where a maximum bar length of 1.5 metres is required .The MV65 has been developed with the customer in mind. It is easy to use and operate and is supplied complete with a floor mounted sliding rail system to simplify setting up processes and give the customer access to the rear of the turning centre.

The innovative MV65 provides an easy to use HMI touch screen that enables operators to input information with ease. Complimenting the control system is a hand held remote control that gives the end user improved flexibility during operation. Additionally, the MV65 has an LED light along the front of the system to provide necessary information to shop floor staff relating to the length of bar remaining in the machine headstock. This LED lighting unit gives the operator a visual display of the position of the linear guided pusher position.

With compact MV65 dimensions can comfortably slot into any machine shop. With enhanced rigidity for feeding turning centres with reduced vibration, the robust unit delivers bar into the headstock with minimal vibration to support high quality surface finishes and tool life longevity. Capable of accommodating multiple lengths of bar from 5 to 65mm diameter, the MV65 is ideal for bringing lights out machining productivity to lower end turning centres. For enhanced precision, the new barfeed incorporates a bar measuring and calibrating system that allows external adjustment of bar diameter settings for simplified setting.

The MV65 is proving very popular with introductory single spindle machines with over 200 installed and working daily on all the major machine tool models. Like all of Hydrafeed's products, the MV65 is supported through Hydrafeed's Milton Keynes site via a team of skilled service engineers and after sales support staff. All parts and products are readily available delivered by the company's internal transport system.

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