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ITC announces 120,000rpm air turbine spindle
ITC announces 120,000rpm air turbine spindle
ITC announces 120,000rpm air turbine spindle

ITC announces 120,000rpm air turbine spindle

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 03 September 2015

As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high-precision tooling and solutions for the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical and watch-making industries, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC)  is now introducing the new RBX12,  high-speed air turbine spindle from BIG KAISER.

The new air turbine spindle achieves a market-leading rotational speed of 120,000rpm that enables existing machines to be cost-effectively upgraded and high-speed micro-machining to be completed on a normal machining centre. Operating at such high speeds helps to improve machining accuracy, enhance surface finish and significantly lengthen tool life, as well as reducing wear on the cutting tool.

The high-speed operation also means that processing times can be also be reduced on machine tools. Under test conditions, the new RBX12 from BIG KAISER has reduced machining times by more than 300%. A result that is credit to the high rotation speed.

Furthermore,  the runout accuracy of the RBX12 is excellent, which enables ultra-thin wall cutting. This level of precision is permitted by its ceramic ball bearing configuration and a runout measuring system that can detect spindle movement during high-speed rotation.

The air turbine ensures that Z-axis thermal expansion is minimised. Cutting tools can get slightly extended due to thermal expansion when the machine spindle runs at high rotation speed, but the RBX12 solves this problem with its air turbine drive. This innovation ensures high accuracy for micro-machining. 

The RBX12 fits into a standard machine with a BBT30/40, HSK-E32 or HSK-A63 configuration. It has a body diameter of 32mm and this makes it ideal for industries requiring high precision, such as the medical and other micro-technology applications. For ease of use, automatic tool change is possible.

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