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Do you have problems switching from Jaw chuck to collets chuck

Do you have problems switching from Jaw chuck to collets chuck

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 01 October 2012

With the centroteX quick change-over interface HAINBUCH has set new standards in the past few months. Now there is a standardized version for machines with spindle configurations A2-6 and A2-8. This is not only better priced; but it is also immediately available from stock. It makes the change to centroteX even easier. The 6-minute change-over from a size 315 jaw chuck to a size 100 Collet style chuck offered by the quick change-over system cannot be achieved by another system. It can also be accomplished without irritating ajustment and runout alignment.

Key advantages:

  • Interface between machine and clamping device
  • Dramatic reduction in clamping device change-over times thanks to a quick-acting closure mechanism [between 5 minutes with the crane and just a few seconds by hand]
  • No compromises in the selection of clamping devices, pick the right workholding
  • Change-over accuracy between machine adapter and clamping device adapter < 0.002 mm - without alignment is possible
  • No loss in rigidity, in comparison with clamping devices that are bolted directly on the machine
  • For easier handling, the Monteq mounting aid can be implemented for heavy clamping devices
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