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LMT Shrink Fit Tooling
LMT Shrink Fit Tooling

LMT Shrink Fit Tooling

Added to MTDCNC by LMT UK Ltd on 08 June 2014

To improve clamping forces and run-out accuracy for manufacturers in precision machining industries, LMT has developed ISG shrink fit heat treatment machine that is the ideal alternative to collet or hydraulic toolholding systems. 

The benefit of shrink fit tooling is more notable for manufacturers that are frequently machining deep cavities and intricate shaped components, such as 5-axis machining in the die & mould sector. This is because heat shrink tooling enables end users to use significantly longer tools and associated extensions than standard clamping methods

For these customers, the new LMT ISG system is the system of choice. The ISG incorporates a small counterbore system that simplifies tool holding and ensures that less heat is required, therefore improving tool clamping times. This new system takes the toolholder from room temperature to 350 degrees C in seconds to efficiently and quickly provide extremely rigid toolholding. Furthermore, the new heat shrink tooling system also incorporates a shroud that covers the tool after heat shrinking to cool the toolholder back to room temperature with extreme speed. This shroud enables the customer to insert a tool, conduct heat shrink tool insertion to the collet and then cool the toolholder so it is ready for use within a 30 second period.

The new heat shrink technology offers astounding repeatability that has been tested under machine shop conditions to prove that after a period of over 2000 insertions with the same tool and toolholder, the runout and clamping forces are identical to the very first tool clamping - a runout accuracy of 3 microns for a 2XD tool. 

For health and safety conscious customers, LMT has also developed an automated heat shrink system that enables the end user to insert the tool into the collet and enter the tool diameter parameters into a control panel. Once these two simple steps are followed the LMT heat shrink system automatically locates and heats the induction coil, then sinks the tool into an encased cooling tank and raises the tool once cooled. This guarantees 100% operator safety when working with hot tools and is ideal for manufacturers in production environments that are continuously conducting tool changeovers.

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