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Sparks Fly on Air Turbine stand at MACH
Sparks Fly on Air Turbine stand at MACH
Sparks Fly on Air Turbine stand at MACH

Sparks Fly on Air Turbine stand at MACH

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 22 April 2014

Working in conjunction with Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC), the MACH exhibition proved a resounding success for Air Turbine Tools (ATT) and its range of Air Turbine Spindles. Available in the UK from ITC, the US manufacturer demonstrated a series of handheld turbine tools as well as machine mounted spindles for increasing the speed capabilities of machine tools.

The innovative Air Turbine Spindles that have been designed to improve the spindle capability and productivity levels of machine tools, can be utilised for high speed drilling, milling, slotting and engraving to enhance cycle times and surface finishes. With a presence on its own ATT stand as well as on the ITC Stand, the Air Turbines generated significant enquiry levels at the UK's showpiece manufacturing event.

With machine shops upgrading rather than committing to considerable capital equipment investments, ITC now offers a range of Air Turbine Spindles to dramatically improve productivity. At MACH, this was highlighted on the Air Turbine stand with a machining centre retrofitted with a high speed spindle to show how the spindles can increase the speed of a machine tool to 90,000rpm.

Proving extremely popular at MACH was the patented double turbine 602X DT Series of turbine spindles that enable end users to improve feed rates, reduce cycle times, improve surface finishes and tool life.

The 602XDT series can be retrofitted to machine tools to deliver constant high speeds of 40000, 50000, 65000, or 75000rpm, which makes the range suitable for a variety of operations with small cutting tools. Capable of maintaining high speed and torque levels whilst cutting with no gears, vanes or bushes to burn out, the 602X DT requires no lubrication and emits no oil mist. With just two moving parts, the low friction and low heat units offer an automatic TMA loading option. The Air Turbine Spindles™ offer speed ranges from 25,000rpm to 75,000rpm with motors from 0.2HP up to 1.4HP, capable of delivering feed rates up to 3.5m/min in hard tool steel.

For turning centres, Swiss automatic lathes, robotic and fixture mounted applications, Air Turbine also showed its 700 Series of mounted spindles. The powerful compact units are governed at 65,000rpm with power up to 0.8HP. With h7 tolerance and mounting diameters from 25mm to 40mm the 700 Series is perfect for marking, drilling, milling and finishing with an incredible level of precision.

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