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MANOK Stationary Chuck - In stock for immediate delivery!
MANOK Stationary Chuck - In stock for immediate delivery!

MANOK Stationary Chuck - In stock for immediate delivery!

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 04 June 2015
If you are looking for the 'complete' workholding solution, look no further than the impressive Manok stationary chuck from Hainbuch - now available for immediate delivery. The price-performance ratio generates a rapid ROI and its flexibility has astounded the marketplace with advanced power, precision and rigidity. 
Ideal for 5-axis machining and stationary workholding applications, the chuck operates with a pull-back action, so components are positively pulled against any internal stop to give incredible power and rigidity whilst reducing vibration during heavy duty milling operations. 
To improve set-up and changeover times, the Manok incorporates a manual changing fixture that changes the clamping heads quickly and easily in a couple of seconds. In addition, customers can mount an end-stop inside the Manok in no time at all by simply fastening the inside end-stop directly onto your machine tool table or by mounting a front end-stop on the face of the clamping taper. 
Incredibly powerful and flexible, the Manok is versatile and simple to operate and its application range is almost limitless. The Manok can be applied to milling machines and CNC machining centres, CMMs, pallet clamping applications, broaching machines, angle plates and indexible heads, grinding machines, drilling machines and even used as a fixed desktop assembly station.
To highlight the flexibility and application range of the Hainbuch Manok system, it can be applied to a host of machining applications. Just a few of these applications include angle clamping for horizontal bar-work, claw clamping for use in applications that demand the utmost in rigidity, clamping round stock to provide fast alignment of bar stock, positioning with a dowel pin to incorporate fastening elements, machining with a workpiece carrier to reduce set up times by 80%, possible work with an axial collar and also machining with a side end-stop.
However, the possibilities don't end there. The Manok can work with a host of end-stop variations. To this end, the Manok can work with a depth end-stop to increase rigidity and achieve Z-axis repeatability of 0.005mm and a front end-stop for pulling parts onto the end-stop. The front end-stop is extremely rigid and achieves a clamping actuation of 0.02mm without a torque wrench and 0.005mm with a torque wrench.  Additionally, the clamping head face can also be used as an end-stop to deliver a clamping actuation of 0.01mm and 0.04mm respectively with and without  a torque wrench. 
With an application range that is only limited by the imagination of the end user, the Manok is undoubtedly the most flexible, versatile workholding system on the market. Furthermore, by reducing set-up times, increasing flexibility and offering exceptional repeatability levels, is there any reason not to order your Manok system now.
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