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MAPAL Develops UNISET-C for optical setting of tools
MAPAL Develops UNISET-C for optical setting of tools

MAPAL Develops UNISET-C for optical setting of tools

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 30 March 2017

MAPAL has now launched its new UNISET-C setting fixture and one consideration that was at the core of this development was the simple handling for optical setting and measurement of tools for the entry-level segment. The UNISET-C has a compact design that makes the tool to be measured is easily accessible.

The measuring arm with optical measuring camera and dimmable back-light source can be easily adjusted in the horizontal and vertical axes to the desired position using a handle. A sensor controller is integrated into the handle to activate the laser in the measuring arm when touched. The laser simplifies quick movement to the desired tool position, as the current camera position is always visible as a red light dot. Fixed tools, in particular solid carbide or PCD tools can be quickly and easily measured and set using the UNISET-C. The maximum tool diameter is 400mm and the maximum tool length is also 400mm, making it suitable for a huge range of cutting tools.

Familiar high software quality

The user-friendly measuring functions of the UNISET software from MAPAL are already employed in other setting fixtures and have been adapted to the UNISET-C to provide a familiar, easy to use platform. A greatly simplified operator mode with predefined setting programs for certain tool types makes work easy even for occasional users of the fixture. Integrated control geometries allow fully automated measurements to be carried out within seconds. The Balluff system is available as an option for faster calling up or protocolling of tool data. The UNISET software can also be expanded and specially adapted to the customer’s operating conditions.

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