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MAPAL Launches New MEGA Drill for High Performance Steel Drilling

MAPAL Launches New MEGA Drill for High Performance Steel Drilling

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 02 March 2017
As the latest addition to the MEGA-Drill Series from MAPAL, the new MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus drill launched at the AMB Show, is now available to the UK marketplace. This new drilling line is the ideal choice for reliable cost-effective drilling of steel.

As the next generation of this drill, the MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus offers users a significant boost in wear resistance and performance through its modified cutting edges, chip flutes and twin cutting edge geometry. Utilising new optimised chip flute geometry and a newly developed coating, this combination with the modified cutting edge preparation can deliver tool life improvements of 50%. In addition, the new series can increase cutting speeds and feed rates by more than 15% percent compared with its predecessor. The result is a lower cost per part and greater cost-effectiveness for the user.

MAPAL has an extensive line of MEGA-Drill options that include individual series for inconel, aluminium, hardened steel, Inox, composite materials and much more. However, the new MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus series has been developed with a material composition, a new TiAlN coating technology and geometry that will undoubtedly exceed existing performance levels for end users when machining steel.

Incorporating a 140 degree point angle and a side rake angle of 30 degrees, the drilling line is available with 3XD, 5XD and 8xD options to ensure customers optimise rigidity and performance for all their steel drilling operations. The drills are available in a diameter range from 3 to 25mm with drills from 3 to 12mm offered in 0.1mm increments whereas larger diameters are provided in a variety of diameter increments. Offered in HA and HE shank forms, the MEGA-Drill-Steel-Plus has through coolant facility to improve swarf evacuation and prevent re-cutting of chips. 

Depending upon the chosen drill diameter, the 3XD series is available with an overall length from 62 to 153mm with a drill flute length from 20 to 96mm whilst the 5XD drill provides an overall length from 66 to 153mm with a flute length from 22mm to 101mm. The extended 8XD series has an overall length from 72 to 243mm with a flute length from 34 to 190mm; each of these drill and flute lengths has been scrutinised and optimised by the development engineers at MAPAL to maximise drilling performance, tool life and hole concentricity and precision. For further details contact MAPAL.
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