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Hainbuch Takes Mandrel Clamping Force to the Max with New MAXXOS

Hainbuch Takes Mandrel Clamping Force to the Max with New MAXXOS

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 17 August 2015

Hainbuch has now launched its new MAXXOS mandrel system for machining in the most challenging of environments and applications. Incorporating Hainbuch's innovative hexagonal clamping geometry, the new MAXXOS can significantly improve clamping forces and improve sensitivity to contamination.


Hainbuch's existing customers may already be familiar with the technology that currently exists on the company's TOPlus range of chucks. However, by transferring this technology to its mandrel line, Hainbuch can boast clamping force increases beyond 30% when compared to existing systems. Hainbuch's decision to now also integrate this hexagonal geometry for the mandrels was only logical, since this criteria is as important for I.D. clamping as it is for O.D. clamping. Thanks to the hexagonal geometry, now an unattained clamping force and rigidity is reached with optimum precision also for I.D. clamping.


This mandrel system is available for demanding workholding applications such as hard turning when high clamping forces and rigidity are required and also grinding operations where resistance to contamination is needed. The bore sizes of the MAXXOS are available from 10mm to over 150mm.


In terms of reducing contamination, the robust and powerful MAXXOS mandrel also demonstrates first-class attributes. Force is transmitted through positive locking, which results in optimum process reliability and long maintenance intervals. The full-surface contact and the lubrication significantly reduce friction and also enable sensitive clamping for fragile work pieces. MAXXOS has fully proven its talent, particularly for components with the highest process requirements.


Furthermore, the MAXXOS incorporates a pull-back location system that guarantees remarkable precision and repeatability levels for the end user. For further details on this impressive new system, please contact your local Hainbuch representative.

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