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Soft Clamping systems from MicroLoc
Soft Clamping systems from MicroLoc

Soft Clamping systems from MicroLoc

Added to MTDCNC by MicroLoc Workholding on 02 July 2014

Microloc has now launched its new line of Soft Clamping Systems to enable customers to machine component features directly into the clamping fixtures. The new system can be efficiently clamped to the table of any machine tool and it enables the end user to rigidly hold and machine a multitude of parts in a single set-up.

Providing the ability to machine multiple parts in a single clamping operation, the benefits for the customer in terms of reduced set-up times and multiple part machining are unrivalled. The new Soft Clamping System is available in four standard sizes with a series of soft jaw sets to adapt to existing Microloc systems. Additionally, Microloc can supply the innovative new workholding station as a complete system that is ready to use on the machine.

Not only does the new Soft Clamping System enable component features to be machined directly
into the clamping elements, it allows pairs of smaller parts to be clamped securely in each jaw through the innovative compensating jaw configuration.

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