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New MiniPlug3 for High Pressure Coolant on Sliding head lathes

New MiniPlug3 for High Pressure Coolant on Sliding head lathes

Added to MTDCNC by Floyd Automatic Tooling Ltd on 24 February 2013

New and available from Floyd Automatic in the UK , the new MiniPlug 3 system is ideal for machine shops and engineers utilising the services of swiss type and sliding head lathes. The NEW MiniPlug 3 is a High Pressure Coolant Connector System suitable for transporting coolant up to 200 bar. Coolant through tooling systems has become more common in the last years, enhancing modern machining to become more efficient.

In order to transport the coolant through the narrow holes directly to the cutting edges, the use of high-pressure pumps and distribution systems are necessary.

The fittings of these distributors are often placed inside the machine in a confined space. Small-dimensioned and permanently installed copper pipes carry the coolant to the tool holder. To change the tool or cutting plate, the tool holder has to be detached with difficulty from the distribution system.
With the new HEB MiniPlug system, a high-pressure quick connector system is available even for smaller swiss type lathes.

The HEB MiniPlug system helps to reduce machine downtime for tool changes. Find out more about this new system available from Floyd Automatic...visit www.floydautomatic.co.uk

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