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MNG Zero Point baseplate system simplifies workholding setup
MNG Zero Point baseplate system simplifies workholding setup

MNG Zero Point baseplate system simplifies workholding setup

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 18 January 2013

The new MNG Zero Point system of baseplates from WNT (UK) provides a simple and highly versatile method of locating vices and fixtures to the machine table. The mechanical system used by WNT also makes the MNG Zero Point system highly cost-effective.

Fully compatible with WNT’s range of workholding vices, as well as systems from other manufacturers, the new MNG Zero Point base plates provide users with the ability to quickly, and accurately position vices on the machine table. Making use of a simple mechanical clamping system WNT has eliminated the need for hydraulics or air connections, which in turn reduces the initial cost to purchase the MNG Zero Point system by up to 40 per cent compared to a hydraulic system This simple clamping system, which features just a single clamp screw to locate the vice/tombstone, also reduces the overall height of the base plate to 30mm, creating minimum impact on the machining envelope. In addition to the flat base plates for three-axis machines, variants are also available, ex-stock, for four- and five-axis set-ups

The use of MNG Zero Point, with its accurate repositioning of workholding devices (repeatability < 0.01 mm) dramatically shortens set-up times. When compared to clamping vices/tombstones directly to the machine table the set-up time when using MNG Zero Point is reduced by as much as 86 per cent. Taking 30 minutes as the typical conventional set-up time to change a machine vice with one set-up per day using MNG Zero Point would free up 30 hours of machine time over a month.

Users of MNG Zero Point also benefit from additional process security due to the fact that the clamping mechanism generates a clamping force of 20kN, which is between 60 - 70% higher than other clamping methods. This significantly increases the rigidity of the set-up allowing cutting data to be maximised.  And, due to the fact that the system uses a positively driven clamp and unclamp mechanism there is no risk of the vice or tombstone that is being clamped getting ‘stuck’ to the baseplate. A further advantage of the MNG Zero Point system from WNT is that by using standard base plate elements it is possible to quickly and easily create bespoke workholding solutions, which would otherwise require specialist fixturing and extended leadtimes.

“The MNG Zero Point System is a terrific addition to WNT’s already extensive range of workholding solutions,” says Adrian Fitts, WNT (UK) Business Development Manager. “The reduction in set-up time generated by use of MNG Zero Point makes it highly cost-effective, with payback time measured in just a few weeks depending on useage. By combining the MNG Zero Point system with for instance, our ESG Mini series of vices a single machine can be set to perform first and second operation work or multiple set-ups. We have built our reputation on providing high quality cutting tools with detailed technical support for our customers. That same philosophy applies to the workholding systems available from WNT, with customers able to call on technical support to ensure they are choosing the best system for their applications.”

The MNG Zero Point system is available for demonstration at WNT’s technical centre in Sheffield where it is being shown alongside the ESG Mini and H5G vice systems. Alternatively, WNT’s Technical Sales Team have demonstration kits that can be brought to customers premises for evaluation. As with WNT’s cutting tool range, the workholding is available as ex-stock items, with next working day delivery guaranteed.  For more information contact WNT (UK) on 0800 073 2 073.


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