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Monitoring pays dividends with OTT Power-Check

Monitoring pays dividends with OTT Power-Check

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 27 July 2016

In long run batch machining operations the need for repeatable accuracy puts a great onus on key machine tool components – none more so than the spindle.

Degradation of internal components such as spindle bearings and the spindle pull back mechanism will impact over time on sustained precision of the workpiece being machined, in the same way as tool wear.  As such, spindle performance monitoring becomes essential in such environments.

Now, a newly introduced spindle pull force measuring gauge – the Power-Check Magazine - is available from the German manufacturer OTT-Jakob and available in the UK from Gewefa UK Limited.

The Power-Check Magazine features an integral ultra slim pencil design suitable for small machine tool spindles - for example HSK32 - and a short gauge line which can be used in an automated manufacturing cell where preventative maintenance and continuous monitoring of the spindle pull-back mechanism is essential.

The Power-Check Magazine is located in the tool carousel (as with a conventional toolholder) and when tool changed into the spindle automatically transmits spindle taper retention readings to a remote receiver via a wireless connection.

As well as taking readings from machines involved in high volume, continuous machining operations, the new Power-Check magazine is also suitable for use in automotive and aerospace FMS systems where accessibility could be an issue.

Reduced or diminished clamping forces can have a long-term negative impact on machining precision and the machine tool itself. Consequences can be poor surface quality due to vibrations, increased tool wear, shorter tool life spans and even breakage.  Other outcomes can be spindle taper corrosion caused by micro-movements, machine downtime and risk of operator injury.

The receiver for data sent by the Power-Check Magazine is called the Power Monitor.  Using the software supplied, measurements from multiple transmitters can be displayed and saved in real time. The Monitor runs on batteries, allowing it to be used anywhere and thanks to its user-friendliness, data can be retrieved easily and with no complicated processes.

Data can also be transferred to a USB radio stick used in conjunction with a lap top to wirelessly transmit data from the Power-Check Magazine. It is able to receive data from numerous units, enabling the user to record and tabulate the readings relative to each individual machine tool.

For further information contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666, sales@gewefa.co.uk or visit the web site at www.gewefa.co.uk

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