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 New Benchmark for Pneumatic Rotary Units

New Benchmark for Pneumatic Rotary Units

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 11 December 2014

With the SRM high-performance rotary unit, SCHUNK the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems presents a new benchmark in the area of pneumatic rotation.


Even the outer features of the SRM unit is different from other rotary modules on the market. The most striking features are the low interfering contour, the specially developed internal high-capacity dampers for maximum performance in a compact space and the large center bore for the feed-through of cables, hoses, workpieces or for the use of a camera.


The inner workings of the unit are just as impressive. The torque, mass moment of inertia and rotating time of the SRM significantly exceed its predecessor, the SCHUNK SRU-plus. In the size 40 version, the torque has been increased by 25%. The increased mass moment of inertia is just as impressive. The compact SRM 16, can rotate loads three times higher than the SRU-plus 20. The screw connection pattern of the new high-performance module is particularly large and robust.


Remarkably compact, the SRM ensures a customized design at an affordable price that is unique for the market. SCHUNK offers an optional air feed-through for compressed air or gases as well as an electric rotary feed-through for the reliable feed-through of sensor and actuator signals. It also offers the possibility of inductive monitoring.


Future versions will feature multiple damping options for high loads, short cycle times in minimal installation space and highly efficient high-speed applications with a maximum number of cycles. An optional pneumatic or locked center position will also be developed. To speed up commissioning, the SRM features a pre-defined shock absorber stroke and fast clamping of the end position. In addition, a marking facilitates setting of the angle of rotation. The SCHUNK SRM is initially available in sizes 16, 32 and 40. Other sizes and options are in development.

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