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New high-speed SRU-plus 20-S module from SCHUNK

New high-speed SRU-plus 20-S module from SCHUNK

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 07 September 2012

The high-speed SRU-plus 20-S module from SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems, now opens up a new dimension in high-speed assembly. Compared with other available rotary units of the same size, the high-speed SRU-plus 20-S module can increase the number of cycles by up to 100%.

With lightweight parts, the module enables rotation times starting at 0.3s and up to 3,700 cycles per hour. Alternatively, a load of up to three times or more than that of standard rotary units of the same size is possible. The secret of such high performance with process stability is a patented shock absorbing system that combines an elastomer with an oil-damped shock absorber. Arranged in a stack, the high-performance damping enables significantly shortened cycle times and a higher number of cycles, or the rotation of much higher mass inertias or loads.

The SRU-plus 20-S is the innovative family-owned company's new high-speed addition to the SRU-plus series of attractively priced universal rotary units. All variants of the rotary unit are completely modular in design whereby existing SRU or SRU-plus modules can be replaced 1:1 by all variants of the SRU-plus, including the new high-speed version. System integrators therefore benefit from maximum flexibility in the planning of systems. Depending on the requirements, customers can choose one of three damping variants: the hard-damped version SRU-plus H for minimal interfering contours at high loads; the soft-damped version SRU-plus W for short cycle times in combination with minimal installation space or the SRU-plus S version with high-performance damping for high cycles per hour or for particularly compact systems.

The high-performance rotary modules enable compact system designs and with the new high-speed version, it also opens up an entirely new dimension in productivity. This means the units provide the basis for the design of assembly systems with performance comparable to that of cam-controlled rotary indexing tables while offering much more flexibility.

Numerous standardized variants

To match the particular application, all SRU-plus versions are available with media feed-through, with step-less adjustment of the end positions or with pneumatic or locked central positioning. The series, available in different sizes from 20 to 60 (versions H and W) with constant torque increase, offers a superior cost to benefit ratio. The rotary angle of 90° or 180° with an end position adjustment of +3°/-3° or +3°/-90° also allows a high degree of flexibility in the design of assembly processes. Integrated feed-through enables the passage of gases, liquids and vacuums without the necessity for cumbersome and interference-prone hoses. Optionally, electric rotary feed-through that ensures long-term reliability of sensor and actuator signals is also possible.

The SCHUNK swivel head series SRH-plus also benefits directly from the expansion of the rotary module series. The numerous SRU-plus variants that include the high-speed version with high-performance damping, are available in a combined SRH-plus swivel head version. The swivel heads can be equipped with electric signal feed-through and a media feed-through to enable the design of very compact and reliable systems. Interference caused by defective cables or hoses are practically eliminated as a result of the integrated rotary feed-through system. Since the swivel heads meet protection class IP67, they can also be used reliably in demanding environments. 

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