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New HPC Finishing Tools From MAPAL

New HPC Finishing Tools From MAPAL

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 07 February 2017

MAPAL has further developed its HX Milling line with a new milling cutter for the face and shoulder milling of cast iron and hardened steel.

The new milling cutter can be used with MAPAL's HX indexable inserts with six cutting edges for face milling or with W-shaped three edge inserts for shoulder and face milling. This exceptional flexibility is credit to the innovative milling cartridges that can be easily interchanged for both insert types that can be used in the same tool body.

The wear-resistant tool body is manufactured from a robust nickel-plated steel, making the tool body well-suited to the demands of hard machining. The use of a proven adjustment and clamping system guarantees optimum, backlash-free mounting of the indexable inserts whilst the axial run-out can be set with micron precision. This is possible through an ultra-precise wedge adjustment system on the milling cartridges.

The new HX High Performance milling cutter displays its strengths particularly well in the automotive and mould making sectors where tool life, performance and surface finishes are a critical factor. Furthermore, the central coolant supply is directed at the cutting edges to ensure optimum swarf evacuation and tool life longevity.

Both the HX indexable inserts and the W-shaped indexable inserts are designed as full-face variants as they are tipped over the whole surface on one side with an extremely hard cutting PcBN composition.

The HX indexable inserts impress with their very good cost-effectiveness. This is credit to an hexagonal form that utilises six useful cutting edges to provide an extremely low-cost per cutting edge.

The innovation behind the geometry of the new W-shaped indexable inserts enables three cutting edges to be applied for the shoulder milling of cast iron and hardened steel. This again gives a significant boost to cost-effectiveness for this machining operation. Furthermore, the W-shaped indexable inserts can also be used for face milling.

Available in the diameter range from 50mm to 250mm, the new milling cutter has received plaudits since its world premiere at the AMB 2016 show in Stuttgart. For further details, please contact MAPAL.

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