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New TRUMPF TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter
New TRUMPF TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter

New TRUMPF TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 12 August 2013

Cutting polyurethane- and polyisocyanurate foam sandwich panels and creating cleanly edged openings in such panels are real challenges. These tasks are faced almost daily by roofers, those who install insulating facades, production hall builders, and assemblers of container-like structures. The same problems confront professionals who install heating, air-conditioning and insulting contractor.  Here it is important to separate the upper and lower sheets in a single process, regardless of whether the surfaces themselves are flat, corrugated, or trapezoidal.

The TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter, made by TRUMPF and to be available at the End of July 2013, is the perfect solution. This rugged machine lets users cut sandwich panels up to 165 millimeters thick. The upper and lower sheets may be of aluminum or steel, classified at up to 400 N/mm². The blade is at right angles to the base plate, making it easy to cut square corners. That is not possible with any other tool of its kind.

Equally unique: With the TRUMPF panel cutter, users can make exact cutouts and notches. This is made possible because the blade of the TruTool TPC 165 can penetrate the composite material, at extreme precision and at any desired point, without having to drill a starter hole. This property makes it possible to work panels that have already been mounted. Once the blade has penetrated the material, straight-line cuts can be made at speeds of up to four meters per minute – reliably, at high precision, and virtually free of burrs – eliminating touch-up work

Cutting lengths of up to 300 meters with a single chain

A newly developed process, combined with automatic lubrication, ensures that the chain lasts a long time. Numerous test customers indicate that it is possible to cut as much as 300 meters with a single chain. When it becomes necessary to change out the chain or the blade, the replacement is quick and simple. The combination key needed for this purpose is stored in the machine itself, keeping it within easy reach.

Handling the panel cutter is just as uncomplicated. The rugged sheet metal body accounts for its low weight of less than ten kilograms. In conjunction with the ergonomically designed handgrip, operators can work for long periods of time with minimum fatigue. The optional guide rail further simplifies making exact and precise cuts. This is possible not only when trimming sandwich panels with a flat surface, but as well when roof panels with a corrugated or trapezoidal cross-section are to be cut to length.

To keep dust from annoying the operator, a standard industrial vacuum can be attached at an integrated connector. Over and above that, the developers at TRUMPF have given a great deal of thought to the safe use of the TruTool TPC 165. If the user releases the sliding grip, which has to be depressed to start the machine, then the unit will come to a halt within two seconds. An additional, integrated lever makes it easy to move the blade into the desired position. A scale with 13 graduations helps the operator to quickly determine the desired cutting depth and to fix the guide bar at that point.

With this new panel cutter, TRUMPF guarantees that the operator will be able to turn out high-quality results. The guide marks, located for good visibility at the front and rear, make it possible to cut exactly along the desired line. Slide bars on the bottom of the support plate facilitate moving the machine and, in addition, help to reduce scratches on the surface of the sheet metal.

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