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PALMA aqueous cleaning machine for flood washing of industrial components

PALMA aqueous cleaning machine for flood washing of industrial components

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 10 April 2013

The PALMA aqueous cleaning machine from MAFAC, Germany, for which Turbex is UK agent, is designed for efficient spray and flood washing of industrial components. It is capable of thorough and reliable cleaning of complex parts, yet delicate components that are susceptible to the rigours of the washing process may also be safely processed.

The front-loading, twin-tank machine is equipped with a quick-flood facility that fully immerses a basket of components within 30 seconds, if required, and evacuates the water just as quickly. The second tank allows pre- or post-treatments to be integrated into the cleaning cycle, while a third tank can be added to introduce an additional process such as demineralisation. Ultrasonics is a further option to assist the cleaning process.

As with all MAFAC machines, the PALMA incorporates a world-patented system whereby the movements of the holding basket and spray jets are individually adjustable, allowing them to be fixed or to rotate in the same or opposite directions. Each program can therefore be tailored, together with other movement options such as rocking of the basket, to suit the type of components being cleaned. For drying, the machine is equipped with a water vapour condenser and hot air pulse blower.

The machine is of high quality construction, with stainless steel used for elements in contact with the load as well as elsewhere in the machine frame. Comprehensive insulation of the tanks ensures minimal heat loss, contributing to low energy consumption.

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