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Pibomulti turns a full circle!

Pibomulti turns a full circle!

Added to MTDCNC by Gewefa UK Limited on 17 August 2017

New from Pibomulti is the 360° Auto Adjustable Angle Head, creating a highly innovative facility to implement 360° orientation of a right angle head in either internal or external machining operations.

The 360°Auto Head has a pneumatic clutch mechanism built into the location device of the angle head. This allows the device to be unclamped and orientated to any radial position required by rotating the machine spindle.  When the air is released the angle head is then clamped and ready the start machining.

In effect one 360° Auto Head replaces the need for additional heads set at various angles and enables drilling in any radial position.  Advantages are reduced cycle times, fewer angle heads, continuity of process and high accessibility for machining in awkward locations.

Pibomulti specialises in all types of angle heads, spindle speeders, multi-spindle heads and turret heads with the extensive range available exclusively in the UK from Corsham based Gewefa UK Ltd.

To view a demonstration of the Auto Head access the Pibomulti web site via www.gewefa.co.uk or contact the sales team at Gewefa on 01225 811666, e-mail sales@gewefa.co.uk

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