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The Flattest Pneumatic Quick-Change Pallet Module in the World

The Flattest Pneumatic Quick-Change Pallet Module in the World

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 05 April 2013

With a height of only 20mm, the VERO-S NSE mini module from SCHUNK is the most flat pneumatic Quick-Change Pallet Module in the world. This new module provides ideal conditions for retrofitting existing machines, giving the end user full use of the work evelope to allow the direct clamping of small workpieces.

The patented drive concept consists of a fast stroke and a clamping stroke to ensure the compact module has a highly compact performance. At a module diameter of 90mm and a clamping pin diameter of only 20mm, the NSE mini also has integrated turbo function for enormous pull-in forces of up to 1500N. The clamping pin is positioned via a short taper and is fixed with three clamping slides. Locking is done mechanically via spring force that is self-locking and form-fitted. The large contact surfaces between the clamping slide and pin minimize the surface pressure when working in an unclamped condition, this also minimises the wear upon the module.

Since the minimum clearance between two clamping pins amounts to 100 mm, the NSE mini has particularly small and variable gauges for bore holes for workpiece and pallet clamping. It provides flexibility in the field of zero point clamping that has never been seen before. Even small workpieces can be directly clamped and completely machined from five sides without inteference.

For this purpose, the clamping pins of the Quick-Change Pallet Systems are directly screwed in the workpiece. The components are quickly exchanged in the machine and are positioned, fixed and clamped in the Quick-Change Clamping Modules at a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005mm. In order to optimize accessibility, the clamping height of the workpieces can be adjusted with module height extensions. Therefore, the machine spindle can reach all five sides of the workpiece without requiring special tooling.

The NSE mini and all the other VERO-S modules are designed for maximum service lifetime and reliability.  All functional components such as the base body, clamping pin and clamping slide are made of stainless steel. Moreover, the maintenance-free modules are protected against chips, dust and coolant. In order to avoid chips jamming in the module during workpiece change, the base plate can be provided with a bore hole for an air purge connection underneath the opening of the clamping pin. If the modules are automatically loaded, the clamping slide positions can also be monitored. Like all of the SCHUNK Quick-Change Pallet Modules, the VERO-S NSE mini can be integrated into the world’s largest modular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping.

This offers a great variety of clamping pallets, clamping devices and multi clamping stations.  Set-up costs of up to 90% can be saved with this clamping system.

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