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Check the force at which a tool is pulled into the machine tool taper

Check the force at which a tool is pulled into the machine tool taper

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 01 October 2012

Building on the initial success of its Power Check pull force gauge, German manufacturer OTT-Jakob has now introduced a mark II version of the unit that is more compact and has a range of new features.

Power Check is used for checking the force at which a tool is pulled into the machine tool taper, providing precise levels of diagnostic data that could prevent a fall off in machining quality or even complete spindle failure.  Since its introduction many of the service teams working for leading UK machine tool manufacturers and distributors now use a Power Check as part of their essential maintenance procedures, enabling remedial repairs before a major breakdown.

The new Power Check II is more compact than its predecessor enabling use in confined spaces or on machines with a smaller capacity chuck.  It features a new gripping channel for automatic changing and gripping of the tool magazine, an automatic mode and an energy saving feature to save and prolong battery life.

Ideal for service engineers and those maintaining large machine shops, the Power Check II stores data on up to 8,000 measurements - for example machine id, date, time, precise pull force details and the adjusted range - so the operator has a full picture of the individual machine pull force status at his fingertips.  This latest version of the unit also features a download facility onto a USB device

Equipment from OTT-Jakob Spanntechnick GmbH is available exclusively in the UK from Corsham based Gewefa UK Limited.  In addition to pull force gauges, OTT is a long established supplier of equipment such as power drawbars for ISO and HSK spindles, clamp and unclamp units and rotary unions.

Claims Gewefa UK’s managing director Keith Warner, “establishing the precise pull force has always been something of a black art but now, with these OTT instruments that work to an accuracy of 0.1kN, when an engineer is undertaking a machine tool service he can provide the customer with its complete and totally accurate pull force status.

“We envisage the ‘power check’ being of equal benefit to machine tool service engineers as to those operating larger machine shops.  Frequently a fall off in performance or symptoms such as poor surface finish are regarded as tool holder or insert problems.  All too frequently the problem may be more deep rooted and the OTT instrument can very quickly diagnose if the problem is spindle related.

“The beauty of the instrument is the engineer can show the customer the read out and compare it with earlier readings.  The customer can then decide on a course of repairs or remedial action should they be deemed necessary,” he explains. 

The OTT power check is a universal unit suitable for all types of clamping systems, regardless of manufacturer.  Battery powered by a 9v DC battery, the unit can be used for all tapered standards with adaptors available for HSK, SK, ANSI, BT and MAS.

Two versions are available, one with a pull force of 10-75kN or an alternative unit for smaller machines with a pull force of 2-15kN. 

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