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Pratt Burnerd International flex their muscles with large specialised power chucking solutions

Pratt Burnerd International flex their muscles with large specialised power chucking solutions

Added to MTDCNC by Colchester Machine Tool Solutions on 14 June 2016

Lathe operators all over the world often need special application workholding because standard ‘off-the-shelf’ chucks do not quite suit the work they wish to put on their lathes.  Finding the correct supplier to tailor their key requirements to a specific engineering solution can often be a tough and lengthy process. 

Pratt Burnerd International have unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke chucks, at their factory in Heckmondwike, UK.  A great example of this expertise is a recent chuck made to a customers’ precise specification on behalf of Pratt Burnerd’s Norwegian distributor, Exel Machines AS for an end-user working specifically within the energy sector.  

Pratt Burnerd’s customer requested an air operated 1000mm diameter chuck with a minimum 330mm bore size to hold together large legs for oil rigs and wind turbine components that all require clamping in place prior to being welded.
Armed with this specific information, Pratt Burnerd designed, manufactured, assembled and tested the 1000mm diameter chuck, which was based on the proven technology of their standard self-contained air power chucks that Pratt Burnerd regularly supply, which are manufactured from anything as small as 160mm diameter, right up to an impressive 1500 mm.

Idar Tiller, Managing Director of Exel Machines AS said ‘Our customer was really impressed that Pratt Burnerd could deliver the large special self-contained air operated chuck, exactly as specified and delivered on time. They are now even more impressed by the chuck’s performance, now it has been fitted and is fully operational in the field.”

Howard Bamforth, 600 UK Sales Director said “Over the years, we’ve talked to many of our chucking customers who require bespoke solutions to their turning needs, I am always told that our off-the-shelf standard products are second to none, but our design team really come into their own on specialised products – this being another perfect example of our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in this field.”

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