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Flexible precision toolholder for automated tool grinding
Flexible precision toolholder for automated tool grinding

Flexible precision toolholder for automated tool grinding

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 04 July 2014

The new generation of SCHUNK PRISMO tool grinding toolholders has been developed to  provide greater efficiency during production grinding and re-sharpening of cutting tools. This is because the new PRIMSO3 directly clamps every shank diameter between 3mm and 20mm automatically without using collet chucks or intermediate sleeves at a run-out and repeat accuracy of less than 0.005mm.

The tool shank is automatically centered in the toolholder during the clamping operation. An optimized interfering contour ensures a better interference between the grinding wheel and the toolholder, even in the case of demanding operations. Compared with conventional multi-range grinding toolholders, the set-up time with the PRISMO3 is reduced by up to 70%. Moreover, users don’t have to invest in intermediate sleeves and collet chucks.

Since the X-axis is independent from the tool diameter and does not change, every type of chuck jaw can remain at the same axial position, which allows unmanned machining of various drilling, reaming, and milling tools in small quantities without having to re-program the L1 dimension continuously. Expensive and time consuming additional programming and the danger of a machine crash are now a thing of the past with the new PRISMO3.

Compact dimensions and robust design

The construction design, the basic sleeve and the robust nature give a particularly high rigidity to the toolholder. Its stable jaw guidance avoids a swing up of the grinding wheels and completely avoids tube imbalance. The hard coated chuck jaws are particularly robust and durable to enhance rigidity and surface finishes. The toolholder is rinsed with clean oil during the grinding operation and this prevents pollution to ensure a consistently high precision level is achieved.

Regardless of whether  the PRISMO 3 is working with axial clamping cylinders, radial power chucks or specialised machine interfaces, the PRISMO is compatible with grinding machines from all the leading manufacturers. The compact dimensions of 125mm x 125mm, leave enough space for the tools during the grinding process and loading operation.

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