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New Compact Quick-Change Module from Schunk
New Compact Quick-Change Module from Schunk

New Compact Quick-Change Module from Schunk

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 04 November 2013

Small, confined spaces will always be an issue when using pallets and tools for automatic handling with a robot. For this particular type of application, SCHUNK the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems has developed the slim NSR-A quick-change module with optimized interfering contour.

This new system allows loading very close to the assembly or machine table. Very low attachments to the clamping station and pallet are feasible and there is enough space for the components and the axis motion. For supplying the modules, handling and assembly tools, the module can be additionally equipped with a SCHUNK standard media transfer for pneumatics, electric or fluids.

At a dead weight of 1.6kg (size 160), the NSR-A has a locking force of 14,000N and therefore is an exceptionally rigid system. It is suitable for reliable handling of pallets up to 350kg (measuring 400 x 400mm) and for handling of tools. The SCHUNK locking system with the patented fast stroke and clamping stroke makes the handling of such an enormous amount of mass possible.

The unit is form-fit and self-locking. Unlocking can be done with non-oiled air: A pneumatic system pressure of 3.5bar is sufficient. In order to achieve an optimum ratio between rigidity, robustness and weight, the development engineers at SCHUNK used high-strength, hard-coated aluminum for parts outside the power flow. The parts inside the power flow are made of hardened stainless steel. The high performance module is completely sealed to prevent chips and coolant entering critical parts. The locking and unlocking process is controlled by magnetic switches, the pallet and tool presence is interrogated by inductive proximity switches. The repeat accuracy amounts to 0.02mm.

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