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Schunk Extends 'All-Rounder' for Stationary Workholding  

Schunk Extends 'All-Rounder' for Stationary Workholding  

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 13 March 2015

The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC centric vice is an all-rounder in the field of stationary workholding that has made a significant impact since its introduction. No matter if you are conventionally clamping, clamping  at  depth for 5-sided machining, holding molded parts or even plates or saw cuts that are short, the SCHUNK KONTEC KSC is quickly adaptable. Now this revolutionary system has been extended with the introduction of the  KONTEC KSC 125.

The new SCHUNK KONTEC KSC 125 demonstrates remarkably high precision and process reliability making it a must have for any machine shop. A pre-clamped and scope-free center bearing (ball bearing) and a particularly adjusted slide ensure a repeat accuracy of +/-0.01mm. This impeccible system allows precise machining of the first and second side of the clamping system.

An integrated chip flow and a specially protected spindle ensure maximum process reliability for this impressive new system. The centric vice is also suitable for automated machine loading as it can be used in every pallet storage system as an affordable solution. In order to minimize set-up times, the SCHUNK KONTEC KSC 125 can be combined with the SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system. The all-rounder is available with a jaw width of 125 with two base body lengths of 160 or 300mm. These deliver a clamping force of 35kN. The clamping width amounts up to 303mm, depending on the system jaw and base body length.

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