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Chuck jaw changes in seconds with Schunk
Chuck jaw changes in seconds with Schunk

Chuck jaw changes in seconds with Schunk

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 05 March 2014

With a change-over time of 5 seconds per jaw, the new SCHUNK PRONTO quick jaw change system offers remarkably fast set-up times for all standard lathe chucks with fine serrations of 1/16’’ x 90° and 1.5mm x 60°. The quick-change retrofit set from the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems consists of supporting and changing jaws.

The new innovation is suitable for OD clamping of pre-machined and finished parts. Utilising a ion of interchangeable inserts, the clamping range can be extended up to 16mm without having to re-set the supporting jaw - an increase of 300% in comparison to conventional lathe chucks.

For jaw changes with exact repeat accuracy, the lock is released with an Allen key and the jaw is removed and replaced by another. This eliminates incorrect positioning. In its locked position, a six-sided form-fit clamping ensures maximum process stability and provides high force and torque transmission.

As required by the application, three supporting jaw variants are available for small, medium and large clamping ranges. As top jaws, the innovative family-owned company provides four hard claw inserts for various diameters and clamping ranges as well soft interchangeable inserts for finished part processing. Once the parts have been turned, the inserts can be used again and again with the system. The clamping depth can be varied using a workpiece stop. Initially, Schunk will be offering the low-maintenance quick jaw change system for lathe chucks with sizes up to 250. Further sizes are already planned.

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