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Schunk starter kits make a case for success

Schunk starter kits make a case for success

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 03 June 2014

For high volume material removal, the Schunk TENDO-E compact has long been the toolholding solution of choice. To extend the benefits of the industry leading toolholder system to a wider audience, Schunk has now launched a series of TENDO-E compact starter kits, so machine shops can experience the benefits of the TENDO-E compact first hand.

Only available for a limited period of time, the new starter kits will incorporate one TENDO-E compact toolholding system, one sleeve remover, one actuating key and 5 GZB-S closed sleeves for clamping 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16mm diameters. Supplied in its own carry-case to protect the contents, the TENDO-E compact starter kit is available at a special offer price for a limited time, with the choice of either an HSK-A 63, SK40 or BT40 back-end to accommodate tool shank diameters up to 20mm.

The universal hydraulic expansion toolholder has a permanent run-out and repeat accuracy of less than 0.003mm at 2.5XD to improve machining accuracy, repeatability and component quality. With a clamping torque that has now been extended up to 900Nm under dry clamping conditions or 520Nm with oily or wet conditions at a 20mm clamping diameter, the TENDO-E compact delivers rigidity, surface finishes and accuracy beyond competitor products. This enables the toolholders to conduct cutting at extremely high material removal rates.

The vibration damping characteristics makes machining operations extremely quiet whilst improving surface finishes. The vibration damping properties also enhance the very precise runout accuracy, whilst the precision mounting prevents the spindle and the cutting edge from damage. The hydraulic expansion toolholder works well across the complete application range from rough milling to finish machining operations such as boring, drilling, reaming and thread cutting.

Users who have previously used Weldon or heat shrink toolholders can now achieve tool cost savings of up to 40% if a TENDO-E compact is used. Tools can be changed quickly with an Allen key, making this powerful hydraulic expansion toolholder an excellent alternative for small and medium-sized companies. To find out more about the starter kits that are only available for a limited period, please contact your local Schunk representative or email: info@gb.schunk.com

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